You Are Beautiful: How a Simple Message Can Spread Joy

You are beautiful — these three simple words share a powerful message. In 2002, an anonymous artist started a movement called You Are Beautiful, which encourages people to practice random acts of kindness by sharing stickers marked by the three-word message. According to the organization, the sticker has been shared more than 2 million times all over the world, including Antarctica.

Recently, a middle school student in Ipswich, Massachusetts, decided to share the hope and joy found in this campaign. According to WCVB in Boston, a mystery messenger placed a sticky note with the organization’s message on every student’s locker.

Christina Ciarametaro, a teacher at Ipswich Middle School (IMS) told WCVB, “The students were amazing. They were like little kids at Christmas, and those who had lockers around the corner rushed to see if they had a similar message on their lockers. It was one of the most powerful experiences that I have been part of at IMS in 10 years.” Some students and teachers even voiced that they do not want to know who left the messages. The spirit of the movement seems to come from the anonymity of it all.

The beauty of this campaign is in its simplicity, and it’s amazing how a small act can create such a big influence in so many people’s lives. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to purchase a sticker (or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the organization to receive five free ones) or write a quick note, and the effects are lasting. After seeing the note on her locker, Kelsey Crantston, a student at IMS, reported to WCVB, “Everyone just looked happier.”

Want to bring some joy to someone’s life? Simply leave a sticker with a short yet mighty message. You may never know the happiness your random act of kindness brings to someone else, and it’s a good reminder to yourself that you are beautiful, too — inside and out.

Image source: You Are Beautiful