We’re in This Together: Random Acts of Love

Sometimes the most powerful way to show your love is to say, “We’re in this together.” Bryant Marshall did exactly that for his wife, April, when she had to go on an all-liquid diet that extended through Christmas. April went on the diet in preparation for gastric sleeve surgery, and rather than simply providing encouraging words, Bryant put his love into action and went on the diet with her.

April talks about the all-liquid diet in detail on her blog. For four weeks, all they could “eat” were protein shakes, sugar-free Popsicles, low-sodium broth, water, and some sugar-free drinks. It wasn’t easy, but they did it.

April never asked Bryant to go on the diet with her; she wouldn’t have dreamed of it! She just asked for his support, and his response was more than she ever expected. “I thought I knew how much he loved me until he said, ‘This is not just your journey; it’s mine, too,'” April shared. “Those words alone did not take me by as much surprise as his meaning behind them did. Never did I expect him to abide the same restrictions as me. Bryant explained to me that he wanted no temptation for me and that he also wanted his lifestyle to be healthier.”

She reminded him that the four-week diet would include Christmas and New Year’s, but he wasn’t dissuaded. “He assured me that there was nothing to worry about: ‘We will support each other,'” April said. “On Christmas, as everyone sat around the table eating all the festive holiday foods, he and I had Jell-O and our sugar-free Popsicles afterward. So yes, when I thought I knew how much he loved me, he showed me that his love was more.”

April said that going on the diet brought them even closer together. “I believe that Bryant being on the liquid diet with me enabled us to relate to one another about our everyday frustrations to the max,” she recalled.

For Bryant, deciding to go on the diet with his wife wasn’t a tough decision. He knew it would be very difficult, but he wanted to be there for her no matter what. “I knew it would be easier for both of us to do the liquid diet,” Bryant said. “As a couple, we thought it would be great to have each other’s support, and that definitely helped us achieve it together.”

April will never forget what Bryant did for her. “I am so honored to have such a loving, selfless husband,” she said. “We both successfully completed the liquid diet, and I have moved to the next phase in my journey. Bryant is still my biggest supporter, and our relationship has become more than I could imagine. I am beyond excited for our future!”

April and Bryant’s story sets an example for all couples who want to face life’s trials as a unit. Being able to say “We’re in this together” takes a special kind of sacrifice that only makes relationships stronger.

Image source: April Marshall