Touched From Birth

When I was born I was 3 months premature. I weighed 2lbs 2oz and fit into the palm of my father’s hand. For an even better visual, his wedding right fit loosely around the top of my thigh. I was not given a lengthy life expectancy and was predicted to be a “vegetable” with no mental capacity to speak of. Today, I am 19 and most definitely not a vegetable. I’m healthy, happy, and I like to think i’m pretty intellectual. I believe that I’ve made it this far through God and through human kindness. I had a doctor, who’s name I don’t know (my parents do), that after I was born, slept at the foot of my incubator to make sure I made it through the night. I received blood transfusions from donors who I will never get the chance to thank. I was cared for for months by countless nurses, doctors, and specialists. After being released from the hospital, my aunt took care of me for the first few years of my life. Although I can’t recall any of these moments I know in my soul they’ve shaped who I am today. I am a fighter. I am strong. I am grateful. I am attempting to make the most out of what this world has to offer. I want to make a difference. I want to do good like those who took care of me did. Each of these qualities were instilled in me because of all the kindness I received from birth. There are people out there I will never be able to thank but I owe my life too. Human kindness does matter, it does make a difference, and it touched my life forever.

Image Source: Flickr