The Real Winner In Pacquiao And Mayweather’s Historic Match

Pacquaio, 36, didn’t stay for the festivities after his grueling twelve round battle with Floyd Mayweather. Bruised, but not broken, he had another fight on the line. It wasn’t covered by HBO. It wasn’t worth the record-breaking $300 million the pay-per-view event generated.
It was worth much more.

Changing into a crisp blue blazer and gray slacks, he’s snuck out the back of MGM Grand Garden Arena by his assistant David Sisson and into what would have been an inconspicuous Ford sedan, were it not for the dozens of Ferraris and Lamborghinis from the Mayweather entourage cluttering the lot.

Sitting back and wiping the still beading sweat from his forehead, he rubs a yellow button pinned to his lapel with the words “BELIEVE IN U” as Sisson navigates the packed Las Vegas streets.

“It breaks my heart that all people talked about was the money,” Pacquiao says, looking out the window to the neon lights left behind as Sisson picks up on the freeway. “I don’t just fight for the money. It was different when I was young and my family was still poor. But now, as I got older, I learned there’s more to life than wealth.”