The Power of Wisdom

Wisdom is special because it is powerful and influential once you’ve attained it. And that’s exactly why it’s so important: You can’t gain wisdom in a day. It comes upon you gradually, through trials, triumphs, and learning. A wise choice can make the difference between success and failure. That’s often what our decision-making comes down to: We rely upon our knowledge, education, and life experiences to make wise choices that we believe will lead to a positive outcome.

On a personal note, I often search for the right decision and try to find confidence in the understanding I’ve gained. This especially comes to light when making parenting choices. I think back to a big decision I made 15 years ago: to start home-schooling my children. At the time, I was frankly unsure about my abilities, but I had a real desire to teach them at home.

A major contributor to my hesitation was my background and family history. I grew up in a family of educators, all of whom place a very high premium on where education can take you. As a result, though I was drawn to the idea of home-schooling, I believed it to be an inferior choice. I feared that my children, if home-schooled, might somehow suffer from a lesser-quality education than students in brick-and-mortar classrooms.

After much soul-searching and diligent research (which included meaningful chats with other home-schooling moms), I realized that I was up to the challenge and, with my husband’s help, would be successful as our children’s primary instructor. It’s true that many people have a negative view on home-schooling, and without the wise counsel of other parents, I may have been discouraged from taking the plunge. I fought through my uncertainty by learning more, listening to those who had already been there, researching the statistics, and then understanding my goals and motives for wanting to home-school. After giving myself time to dig deep into the topic and come to terms with my thoughts and feelings, I felt confident in my decision. Even though it was against some others’ opinions, I was finally at peace with the choice.

When faced with a big decision, I sought wisdom for the good of my children. My desire was (and still is) to apply my years of experience, acquired knowledge, and understanding heart to the hard work of educating our daughters for their well-being. What makes that hard-fought wisdom so special is that it made a big difference in our lives. It’s also important to remember, though, that I didn’t simply wake up and know the right thing to do; we are not born wise. If we desire to have wisdom, we must seek it diligently, learning from our past and projecting thoughtfully into our future for the sake of our — and our family’s and community’s — good.

Image source: Bigstock