The Gift Of A Hairbrush

Earlier this week, our surgery director, Nancy, was in the elevator with a patient who was on her way to radiology with a member of our transport team. The patient was all wrapped up in a blanket with just her face showing. Nancy began to engage with this patient in the elevator while they were going down and probed to find out if there was anything she could do for her.

After a brief conversation, the patient shared that she would really like to brush her hair and Nancy said she would see what she could do. Nancy noted the patient’s room number before she went on for her test. After searching in-house unsuccessfully for a brush, Nancy took her own brush from her purse and took it to sterile processing to be sanitized.  She had it packaged in cellophane and brought it along with a rose from the gift shop for the patient.

This is one of those stories where a small thing like a “sanitized” brush made a real difference for a patient who just wanted to feel a bit more like herself!

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