A Coach Of True Inspiration And Admiration

My name is Teresa Williams, and I help run a local youth non-profit tackle football organization. To simply state that this person I am going to share with you is an inspiration, doesn’t do his character justice. Ron has been guiding, helping, and mentoring kern county’s youth for more that 25 years. His countless donated hours to coaching 8 year olds through to the collegiate level is not only impressive, but so admirable.

With so many moments taken from his own family, he has sacrificed, personal, And business opportunities to help teach young men how to become successful adult men.

You can go back through the teams he has coached, or articles written about him and see, multiple championships both city and nationwide…but speak with Ron, and he will only speak of the kids who have made a huge impact on his life. He’ll tell you about the kids he coached when they were eight, that have made it to college and still make time to call.

So many kids have benefited from having someone that took the time to care, the time to talk with them about there day. I am proud to know him and blessed to have a mentor, and role model that has helped our kids.