Pope Francis’s Message of Love Applies to Us All

Love never fails. Whether you are religious or not, love is a universal language that does us all good. During Pope Francis’s visit to the United States, he encouraged the masses to be kind to their fellow man, and in his parting address, he focused on humanity’s need to remain open to love’s miracles.

Defining the Miracles of Love

Pope Francis reiterated the importance of each of us embracing and sharing in the miracle of love. But what does this really mean? Love is somewhat incomprehensible because, as parents, sons, daughters, and friends, we love without truly understanding why or how we do it.

Pope Francis’s reference to love as a miracle is an excellent description of the emotion’s intangible essence. In his eyes, this miracle must be attributed to a supernatural and greater source, and when we practice it, we are expressing that miracle.

The greater question might just be: How do we understand why people who are loving continue to love the unlovable? How can we share love in such a way that it’s contagious and spreads throughout humanity and the world?

Spreading Pope Francis’s Message

Humans by nature show love for their family members and for people who are close to them. Thus, the act of love is an act of the will, a choice with widespread influence and effect. The people who are willing to love through acts of good toward their fellow man are making a conscious decision to be what we know as loving.

What hits home for me about Pope Francis’s message is the fact that, by showing selflessness, our acts can spread to benefit all mankind. The basic idea is that, after receiving love and kindness, that person will pass it on to the next recipient as a show of goodwill. You don’t need to adhere to religion, or any specific set of values, to believe in that message.

No matter your faith or background, love is excellent; it is patient, kind, giving, forgiving, transparent, and shared out of an unselfish desire to express sincere compassion for another. Thinking of it in that light, love is a miracle all by itself.

Image source: 500PX