One Nurse’s Kindness Goes A Long Way

Doctors and nurses are busy — they often have too many people to help and not enough time on their hands. So when I called my primary-care physician with an urgent request early on a Friday evening, I knew it was not likely I would be able to get an appointment. I have suffered from sinusitis for most of my adult life. Sometimes it sneaks up on me with ferocity, kicking me out of my routine and into bed. After failing to fight off a new sinus infection, I was able to recover quickly with the help of a nurse who put my needs first.

When I called my doctor’s office that evening, the receptionist told me there were no appointments available and I would have to wait until the following week. I asked to leave a message for the on-call nurse. In the message, I explained the regularity of my infections and that, despite trying to fight the latest one off without antibiotics, I had a high fever, was struck by jarring sinus pain, and could not sleep. The nurse called me back within five minutes and walked me through my best options for staying comfortable. She couldn’t prescribe me medication but was incredibly kind and supportive nonetheless.

Ten minutes later, I heard my phone ring in the kitchen. The nurse had spoken with the doctor on call, and he agreed to fill my prescription that evening. She had even called my pharmacy ahead of time and placed the order!

This may seem like an ordinary kindness, but it was far above and beyond the required assistance her job entailed. On a Friday evening, this lovely nurse most likely had a family or friends to get home to after a long day, but she still took extra time to help relieve my pain. Small acts like these add up to a more compassionate world. After getting my antibiotics, I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in a few nights. I was, and still am, incredibly grateful for the extra blessing of my nurse’s support.

Image source: Flickr