One Extra Day and Nine Extra Ways to #TakeBackYourMorning

What would you do with an extra day? Run some errands, take a spa day, finally clean out that hall closet? In 2016, we’re given an extra day on February 29, so while you might not be able to take that whole day, we pulled together nine ways you can #TakeBackYourMorning – no devices allowed. Take a look!

  1. Make the first hour of the day device free, across your household When Dignity Health surveyed 2,000 smartphone users across the U.S., 87 percent of respondents said they feel that people spend too much time on their phones.
  2. Do a crossword puzzle or read your horoscope in the morning paper – When you get stuck on a clue, ask your family or roommate for help and see where the conversation takes you.
  3. Take a break from one social media channel for a day Don’t be a baby. It’s just one day – you can catch up tomorrow.
  4. Chat with your neighbor Take a few minutes to bump up that human interaction time, and bump down the device time.
  5. Take one car ride in silence Even if you didn’t get that morning meditation in, you’ll have a few minutes to yourself to align your thoughts.
  6. Read a favorite book from your childhood – Many of the lessons learned as a child can apply to life as an adult. Even better, share the story with a child in your life and read it together.
  7. Hold the elevator for a stranger Introduce yourself and get to know someone new.
  8. Sing in the shower According to American Psychological Association research, preliminary evidence suggests possible benefits of breathing and short-term immune response. Don’t be afraid to hit those high notes!
  9. Write a fun note to a family member or roommate and sneak it into their lunch box – It only takes a few minutes and it’s way more original than a text message or email.