My Eldest Daughter Is A Source Of Admiration And Inspiration

My eldest daughter, Gabe, is one woman in my life I admire. She inspires me every day. Although she is still in high school, for all intents and purposes she has arrived at womanhood. I don’t necessarily want this to be true, but at seventeen years of age, she is already a powerfully influential force for her three younger sisters, her father, and myself. She is a dynamic, beautiful, caring, responsible young woman of God who constantly shows her character and kindness.

When Gabe was born, I was a full-time working mom in a corporate job. At her first doctor’s appointment, I had a moment of clarity that changed my life forever. It was at that very moment I realized that mothering was what I was meant to do. After six months of struggling to leave her every morning to go to work, I realized I wanted to completely focus on motherhood. It was my destiny to raise my child, to be with her every day, and relish everything the journey had to offer.

My husband and I agreed this was the right choice for our family, and Gabe and I began what has been a glorious relationship marked by unconditional love, transparency, enjoyment, togetherness, and friendship. She has become a confidante and a trusted friend with whom I can share my heart, dreams, and hopes. In return, she is willing to share hers with me even as she navigates through the growing pains of stepping into womanhood and all it involves. As we continue to communicate, I observe a woman who inspires and encourages my faith in an entire generation.

Gabe is a superintelligent person whose inquisitive nature has inspired me to continue to constantly learn and seek further knowledge. At her young age, she is already a professional photographer, reviewer, entrepreneur, and writer. Her thirst for information and understanding ignites a fire in our family that burns bright. She is also a tender and caring big sister. Her love for her siblings has taught me so much about how to interact and engage with others.

Gabe is like still water, stable and deep. She has an apparent sincerity, and I try to follow her example as a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, granddaughter, and human being.

Image source: Flickr