Marcus Lee, Kentucky Sophomore, Sets A Strong Example Of Kindness

College basketball is in full swing, and fans all over the country are completing their brackets. But Marcus Lee, Kentucky’s sophomore power forward, has also been gaining attention for his actions off the court. A nurse practitioner at the University of Kentucky’s student health center, Kim Bennett, recently treated Lee for a minor ailment. After this encounter, Bennett wrote a letter to head coach John Calipari describing Lee’s kindness and compassion. She stated, “I am writing this letter to tell you what a remarkable young man he is and how he has blessed my life.”

Marcus Lee heard about Bennett’s sick stepson, Noah, who was missing a big portion of soccer season during his freshman year of college because of mononucleosis. Touched by the tough situation, Lee wrote Noah a letter and shared his secret to success: “faith over fear.”

Lee described reaching out as an easy decision. “I thought it was just a natural thing to help people, and I didn’t think it was a big thing to tell anybody,” he said. Although Lee didn’t think this simple act was worth telling his coach, others were extremely touched.

Lee’s letter to Noah wasn’t his first act of kindness. In fact, he was named to the Southeastern Conference Community Service Team this season. He has previously coordinated a blanket drive for patients at UK Children’s Hospital, worked with the organization Samaritan’s Feet to supply shoes to those in need around the world, and helped package food and supplies being donated to local elementary schools.

Lee’s status as a member of a wildly popular and successful basketball team makes him Kentucky royalty. He’s a busy young man, and he could easily attract enough attention and plaudits for what he does on the court. Instead, he sets a powerful example by showing how much of a difference one person can make.

“That’s how I feel about life: If I’m helping somebody else and trying to find a way to make them smile, then just trying makes me feel better,” Lee said. “If I pass a smile on, then they’ll pass a smile on, and then it’s just one big chain reaction and I get to my big goal of making some type of change in the world, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Image source: Flickr