In The Desert

I was in a remote area of Nevada and had pulled off the highway in an older RV. About half a mile so my two dogs were not getting on the highway easily. We camped there for the night, and after breakfast I went to start up the engine. It was dead; nothing happened. I thought that it must be the battery since there was silence when I tried to start the car. I opened the hood of the truck and pulled out my jumper cables so I would be ready should someone decide to stop to help me. I walked to the road and motioned to several cars that just passed by. I got discouraged, well, near tears. I looked to the sky and said aloud, “OK, Universe. You know all those acts of kindness I keep seeing on television? Well, I need one now.” I waved my arms at the next car passing by and it slowed down. The wonderful man driving the car got out and said, “How can I help you, Little Lady?” I started crying and telling him that my battery needed a jump. He said he had a new battery and jumper cables, and was happy to help. He hooked up the cables I had prepared and I started up my car. Nothing happened. He started looking at everything, and noticed that I had two batteries and had hooked up the wrong one to his car. It didn’t take long to discover that I had stopped when it was still light the previous night, and I had left on my lights all night which drained the battery. We got the car started, and I gave him a huge hug, with tears streaming down my face. He asked my name, and I asked him is name. Shortly, I followed his car down the dirt road and Travis turned to the right and I turned to the left. I looked to the sky, thanked the universe and got a new battery when I got to the next town.


Image Source: Flickr