In Fundraising, Every Penny Counts

I used to think I couldn’t make a difference. I thought fundraisers were for people who could write big checks or donate flashy auction items. I felt my middle-class lifestyle and budget weren’t really welcome or needed. Fundraising was for the wealthy. Boy, was I wrong.

Over the past several years, I’ve learned every penny counts, every minute shared is appreciated, and even an hour a week changes lives. I’ve been a volunteer with an animal-assisted therapy program for a little over five years, attend fundraisers in my community, and lend a helping hand when I can. Although my contributions aren’t big, they add up when combined with other acts of kindness.

Last summer, I decided to attend a local fundraiser for an animal rescue and fostering program. One of the local swimming pools offered to host an evening of swimming for dogs and their owners. For a $5 donation, I spent the evening making new friends and watching my dog Orion paddle across the pool.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one there. Several Labradors retrieved tennis balls from the kiddie pool. Dachshunds and Yorkies lingered on the patio soaking in the sun. Some brave beagles even attempted the water slide.

I was thankful to see so many people (and pups) show up for this fundraiser. Although my contribution wasn’t a lot, when you have many people contributing, the funds add up quickly.

I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of a small donation. Whether it’s a few minutes helping at a community event or putting a few dollars in a collection bin, the cumulative effect is amazing.

I challenge you to get involved in your community. Look up a volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch, make a loan to a person in need via Kiva, help fund a dream project on Kickstarter, or donate to a charity on GoFundMe.

Every penny counts.

Image source: Angela Tague