Helping People Who Feel Invisible

Do you ever feel invisible? Although we are all a part of the human race, it’s easy for struggling people to fall to the periphery and go unnoticed in this fast-paced world. Recently, Ashley Jiron, the owner of P.B. Jams restaurant in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, decided to do something about this notion of invisibility after she noticed someone had been digging through the dumpster behind her restaurant.

“I had gone to the back to go put some trash in the dumpster, and I had noticed that some bags and containers with food were emptied and gone through,” Jiron told ABC News. “Immediately, of course, my heart sank, and I knew I needed to do something about it right away.”

Instead of ignoring the issue and moving on, she decided to leave a note, inviting the person to come in for a free sandwich and vegetables with no questions asked. Although the person has yet to take Jiron up on her offer, many people are recognizing Jiron’s kindness.

So many people are suffering in today’s world, and sometimes it’s easier to ignore it than actually do something about it. How can we help those who may feel invisible? When I worked in the public school system, I started to notice the janitor at my school was overlooked. Kids often made a mess in the cafeteria and just expected someone to clean it up. Our janitor put in long hours, many times both coming in before students arrived and staying late. It seemed as if no one noticed his hard work. One day I decided to thank him for the great job he was doing. As the school year progressed, he often stopped by my room to see how my day was going. I think my simple act of thanking him meant a lot. Sometimes it helps to simply make sure that efforts are recognized.

What can you do today to reach out to someone who’s struggling? You can make the world a better place by noticing others and taking action to make a positive difference in their lives. It’s as simple as offering a meal like Jiron did, or striking up a conversation with someone who may need a listening ear. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Your small action may change a life.

Image source: Flickr