Guardian Angel Of My Life

Since the first day I met him, he gave me a helping hand. I never showed him my appreciation although he deserved it. He gave me the gift of life. He never left me alone through the storm, he always assured me love and the comfortable feeling of security that life has more to offer. I want the whole wide world to know that he taught me that life is what I make of it. Yelling, running, or giving up makes matters worse and it does not make them go away. I thank God for blessing me with this strong minded, kind-loving, very patient and understanding man that I call my guardian angel, who I took for granted. Nevertheless, he never gave up on me even though I gave up on myself when no one else wanted me around. He stood by my side nurturing me, being the world’s greatest dad and partner who deserves appreciation, more than I have showed or given in return. He does not know that he has taught me to have faith, be still, quite kind, and understanding to have patience and life will be a lot happier. Attitude doesn’t get you anywhere. So I’m asking God to heal my guardian angel’s heart and that he my forgive me. Also to please give me the strength to change my attitude before I lose my family and friends, know that life is too precious to take it for granted and to be grateful for what we have because who knows what could happen in the next second. Thank you God for my guardian angel.


Image Source: Flickr