Giving Without Asking: A Story Of A Good Neighbor

Giving your time and efforts to help others is always worthwhile, no matter how small the action. This past fall, my family was amazed by a neighbor’s good deed on our behalf.

My husband is a medical resident, and he often works 70-plus hours per week. Leaves started to pile up around our yard, but whenever I tried to rake them, my toddler jumped into the piles. There’s a lot of yardwork to do because we have several large trees, and it’s important that we clean up the lawn to prevent damage to our grass. But without another adult around to keep an eye on the little one, this necessary chore felt impossible to complete.

One day, I looked out our window. The elderly man from across the street came into our yard and started to rake the leaves into neat piles. After an hour or two, the lawn was spotless. Our neighbor gave his time and energy to help us and never asked for anything in return. He said he wanted to be helpful and a blessing to others. Although it was a small act, he showed his heart and giving spirit. It meant a lot to us!

Even if you can’t find ways to help others within your own community, it’s very easy to perform small acts of kindness that can change a person’s life. Giving and sponsoring a child through Compassion International is one way to make a positive impact. To give in ways that don’t involve money, try The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. It lists ideas that don’t cost anything but will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Our neighbor was thinking along these lines. The idea is to determine what might help someone by observing them and understanding their needs.

Giving is powerful. You may never know how much a small act can mean to someone else. When you give without asking for anything in return, you’ll find that the feeling of reward comes simply from the giving itself.

Image source: Flickr