Getting to Know Our International Boarder, Dr. Andy

I’m glad to say that Dr. Andy Li is now my friend. We come from different worlds, separated by continents, language, religion, and ethnicity, but we became connected through our shared life experiences after he stayed as a boarder in my home. His time with us proved to be illuminating and satisfying on a deeply human level.

We were contacted by a pastor from a local missionary who was looking for a place for a Chinese medical resident to stay during a rotation at a nearby hospital. My family and I were initially apprehensive about accepting a stranger into our home, but after some prayer and consideration, I realized it was our duty and privilege to offer him a place to stay during this pivotal time in his learning. We ended up feeling excited to have a Chinese boarder coming to spend time with us and see how we live, and for the opportunity to learn more about him and his life.

Dr. Andy arrived during a very busy month. He was with us through two birthdays and all our preparations for Christmas. Our days were filled with question-and-answer sessions from which we each learned about the other’s customs, culture, and beliefs. One of my favorite memories about Dr. Andy’s stay was teaching him about Christmas traditions — he even helped us raise our Christmas tree, then requested we take a group photo in front of it for his memories before he left.

In our time with Dr. Andy, I learned that we are all truly connected as humans, regardless of any material differences. We enjoyed being able to learn about one another and found that we were more alike than not. Despite our initial uncertainty about bringing a stranger into our home, the memories and learning experience made it all worthwhile.