Family Volunteer Opportunities Generate Ongoing Community Kindness

As an adult, you already appreciate the value of volunteerism. Selflessly donating time and expertise to a nonprofit organization, fundraiser, or community outreach project enables growth and achievement for both you and the recipient.

Now imagine bringing a family dynamic into the equation. Family volunteer opportunities not only create feelings of humility and achievement, but serving the community as a team creates an even more powerful helpful, healing force.

Volunteering alongside other members of your family strengthens family bonds based in ‘doing’ your values. And these benefits have a ripple effect. Children who volunteer with their parents are more likely to become adults who volunteer,” reports Psychology Today.

This means if you introduce your children to volunteer work now, when you can participate as a family, they will likely grow up to be compassionate and have an interest in volunteerism — perhaps with a future family of their own. This creates an ongoing cycle of kindness.

How to Get Active as a Family

Take a closer look at the volunteer work you’ve done in the past and see if it might be fit for a family outing. For example, if you’ve helped at a local animal shelter, you can ask if your family can take several dogs on a group walk or spend the day in the cat room brushing and socializing with the felines.

Alternatively, take the initiative to create your own family volunteer opportunities by brainstorming ideas together. If you have children involved in youth sports, talk with their coach and explain that you’d like to do an activity together to help the team. This might include running the concession stand for an evening or picking up litter at the athletic complex after a game.

Going forward, how will you work together with your family members to spread kindness in your community and celebrate the unity of your family? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Image source: Bigstock