Empowering Girls In Africa: The Pads For Schoolgirls Project

Imagine how it would feel to miss several days of school and worry about getting an infection because you simply didn’t have sanitary pads available during your period. Millions of girls in sub-Saharan Africa struggle with these issues month after month because they don’t have access to hygienic sanitary protection. The Pads for Schoolgirls Project, an initiative of Humanity Healing International, is a means of empowering girls who are dealing with this issue. Its multifaceted approach addresses immediate and long-term needs regarding the supply of sanitary pads, and it depends on donations and volunteers for support.

Impacting Education and Health

Statistics show that young girls end up missing four days of every 28-day cycle during their period — the equivalent of 13 learning days. This sets them back in school, leading to poor grades and an increasing number of dropouts. A survey of girls in Uganda found that inconvenience during menstrual periods was the biggest reason for the high number of school dropouts. Girls who cannot even finish school are obviously at a disadvantage when it comes to taking control of their economic security, and their health is impacted by the lack of sanitary protection.

A Viable Solution

The Pads for Schoolgirls Project provides girls with reusable sanitary pads in the hope that reducing menstruation’s impact will enable them to attend class all month long. Having access to clean, reusable pads means girls no longer need to resort to using unhygienic rags and cloths during their periods and lowers their risk of dropping out of school altogether because of so many missed days.

Want to Help?

You can support Humanity Healing International with its efforts in empowering girls in Africa by participating in the Pads for Schoolgirls Project. Donate $20 online to supply a girl with a reusable sanitary pad kit, sign the petition, help spread the word on social media networks, or make your own pad kits and ship them to Humanity Healing International. Even a little effort can help these young girls in need and make a significant difference in their lives.

Image source: Flickr