David’s Day Isn’t Over

This is a humankindness story about David, an employee at Dignity Health….

Walking home last eve from work I came across my neighbor (a widow in her sixties) outside her door she had fallen and was bleeding.
I called 911 and waited with her for the FD , the arrived and helped her she is a stubborn woman but they wanted her to get stiches and be taken to the ER. I was still wearing my EUS shirt and my Hello Humankindness lanyard, FD asked me if I would save her the cost and give her a ride to the ER, I said absolutely, and with a little persuasion we got her to my car and I took her to the ER.

Walking in, security just opens the door for me and I said, “today I am here in a domestic capacity. My neighbor fell and needs assistance.”
The nurses immediately came and helped her from my car and straight to Zone 1. While they were treating her she asked if “my friend could stay with her”, I stayed with her the whole time. Our nurses and staff treated her with excellent care, we have a wonderful ER staff.

I took her home to her door where I received a tearful thank you a hug and kiss on the cheek.

The neighbor above brought her little dog back, and thanked me for helping then she said you look hungry, and brought me a wonderful plate of lasagna

I little later I got a text from that upstairs neighbor thanking me and she ended her text with:
Hello HumanKindness.

Image Source: Flickr