Bring Kindness on Your Commute to Work

When I was in graduate school, I worked full-time and took classes at night. I was often tired, and I never enjoyed or was able to relax on my commute to work. Each morning, I woke up earlier than I wanted and drove 30 minutes to the school I was working at. There was a toll bridge I always drove through on the way in. One morning, I was running late, and my frustration was high. When I got up to the toll booth, the attendant reported that the driver in front of me had paid my way. I was shocked, and a smile instantly came across my face. What a simple blessing, but it completely changed my morning. It didn’t cost the driver in front of me much — just $1, to be exact — but it left a lasting impression on me.

The stranger’s random act of kindness changed my negative commute to work into a positive one. Every day after that morning, I made a point to remind myself of that person’s kindness as I drove through the toll. No one likes driving in traffic, but instead of becoming angry, try extending grace to another driver instead. Simple actions, whether it’s paying a $1 toll for the car behind you or allowing another car to pull in front of you when merging, can make a big difference for someone. When you extend kindness to someone else, you brighten their day — and you will also feel good yourself.

Your commute to work can be a drag, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s easy to become frustrated and lose empathy for others during the morning or evening rush hour; we all just want to get to where we’re going, and courtesy and pleasantries take a back seat. During a stressful commute, you’ve probably noticed that you have less patience and are less likely to extend kindness to another driver. Instead of losing our tempers, however, let’s challenge each other to bring kindness to our commutes.

Image source: 500px