Brighten Your Day By Helping People In Need

When you take time to give and show kindness to others, you’re helping someone else, but these moments also brighten your day. Opportunities to do good are all around us, and there are many everyday encounters that pose a chance to make a difference. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing good, and we become oblivious to the needs of others. However, that doesn’t have to be your story.

Not long ago, I found myself in the car alone, which is a big deal for a wife and mother of four. I decided I wanted to treat myself to a quick meal at a local fast-food establishment. To be honest, I was actually counting my coins because I didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend, but I thought I could buy a small meal.

As I approached the drive-thru menu, a homeless man came up to me asking for something to eat. I said I didn’t have much money and that I was trying to see if I had enough just for myself. His response really impacted my attitude and heart. He looked at me with sincerity and humility and said, “I’ll take anything. I’m just hungry.”

At that moment, I wondered if I could even fathom what it meant to be hungry. Here was a man who hadn’t eaten all day, and I was planning an extra meal for myself when there was already food at home ready to be prepared. I realized I wanted to help him. I felt a real connection to his plight, and I decided to do whatever I could at that moment to feed him.

As I ordered two meals with my credit card, I felt the positive effect of making an effort to help others, and any worries about saving money went out the window. After I received the food, I drove up to the man. I could see his surprise as I approached. I rolled down the window, and he said, “I didn’t think you were going to do it.”

I handed over his meal, along with a drink and an extra biscuit. It felt as if we were old friends divvying up treasure. He looked me in the eye and thanked me, and I thanked him in return for allowing me to be a blessing. As I drove away, I felt lighter. My heart was merry, and I prayed that this man would not have any more hungry days.

Giving to others really can brighten your day. When you help others in need, even if it’s a simple act like donating a small meal, you feel you’ve made a positive difference in the world and it can help take your mind off of your daily schedule and worries.

Image source: Flickr