8-Year-Old Girl Completes 600 Kind Acts In Memory Of Her Nana

Several months ago 8-year-old Alex McKelvey set out to do a lot of nice things for people she doesn’t even know.

“Purchase a book for a child, pick up litter and throw it away,” said Sarah McKelvey, Alex’s mom, as she read part of the list.

“61 different acts of kindness,” she said. And that was just for Sunday.

The McKelveys have made a lot of time over the past year to make other peoples’ days, and they’ve been documenting all on Instagram. One of the pictures shows Alex posing with some Seahawks fans who she just handed goody bags to.

It’s been fun to come up with all these ideas, but it’s also a kind of therapy.

“I miss her every day,” said Sarah McKelvey, talking about her mom, Linda, who died in 2013 at age 59.

“That expression ‘to give the coat off your back,’ Linda would literally have given you the coat off your back, that’s how incredible of a person she was,” said Sarah.

And so on every photo, there’s a hashtag — #ForLinda.