5 Reasons to Pursue a Healthy Weight-Loss Goal

Recently, I experienced a health crisis that gave me no choice but to make some diet and lifestyle changes. When challenged with a diabetes diagnosis, I devoted myself to better health by keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to a long future with my husband, four daughters, extended family, and friends.

An important part of my journey was learning the facts and avoiding fear. In addition, here are my top five reasons for pursuing weight loss for health:

  1. I want a long life. Before my diagnosis, I knew very little about diabetes. In fact, it is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, anyone can take action through weight loss to lower their risk of getting diabetes or even combat the condition if they already have it. Studies have shown that reducing your body mass index by as few as five points helps dramatically reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes and significantly controls complications if you are already diabetic.
  2. I have four daughters to love and encourage. My doctors warned me that my blood sugar level was testing high, and in 2014, while driving my eight-year-old to her violin lesson, I felt I was literally dying of thirst and had to stop for a beverage. Back at home, I checked my glucose level and it was over 600 — extremely high! I couldn’t believe I was having a health emergency when my baby was still so young.
  3. My husband needs me. I can’t tell you how important it is to me that I have a loving husband who supports me and cares for me, even though he has so many responsibilities of his own. He and I are in this life together. We’ve been married for 21 years, and I’m looking forward to spending at least another 21 together. He needs me, I need him, and our daughters need us both.
  4. I need to write that book. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a published author. I love stories, and I am in steadfast pursuit of learning the necessary skills to tell one that delights a wide audience. When my health is poor and I’m feeling bad, it’s very difficult to be creative. I want to pursue my weight-loss and fitness goals to feel better mentally and physically, freeing myself to create.
  5. I want to be a good example to others. Poor eating habits are contagious, and I’ve led my daughters down some high-calorie roads. I hope to help others establish lasting, healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices that positively impact overall health and happiness, and that starts with setting the standard for my children.

The first action we took as a family was to start taking daily walks around our community. I’ve lost over 30 pounds, and I’m feeling and looking so much better, reinforcing my commitment to reaching a healthy weight and achieving a better lifestyle.

Image source: Bigstock