10 Ways to Spread Humankindness

Kindness is good for us, for others and for our community, no matter how small the gesture. Even something as simple as a smile has tremendous power to spread kindness.

During this year’s Great Kindness Challenge, the first item on our checklist of 50 kind acts is to smile at 25 people; not only is this the first task, it is also one of the most powerful. A smile has the power to spread kindness and can foster human connection, without even saying a word.

Dignity Health challenges people to smile more – at themselves, at coworkers, friends, or family, and even at strangers, to spread humankindness. Smiling is just the first step. Make a list of kind acts you hope to complete, and check off a few each day. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Leave kind notes for five of your neighbors or coworkers

2. Collect books for your local library

3. Take a deep, cleansing breath each day

4. Let someone go in front of you in line

5. Volunteer at a local charity or at your child’s school

6. Hold the door open for someone

7. Learn something new about your supervisor or another coworker

8. Call your parents, sibling, or past acquaintance to get caught up on their lives

9. Inspire others by sharing on social media a kind deed you have done with the hashtag #DignityHealthGKC

Need more kindness inspiration? Check out the full Dignity Heath Great Kindness Challenge: dignityhealth.org/checklist