So Much Kindness Came My Way

On December 27th, 2011 I found a lump on my right breast. It has now been over two years since my diagnosis of breast cancer and about a year and a half since I finished treatment.

After my mastectomy I decided to complete a 300 mile ride to where my chemotherapy and radiation would begin. Along the way I raised money for two breast cancer programs and spread awareness of the disease.

During the months of treatment and my family’s cycle adventure I experienced so many instances of kindness from others. There was really so much – almost every day the kindness of friends, family, and strangers blew me away.

Eight of the doctors from Marin Cancer Care who had helped with my treatment showed up and rode the last 50 miles of the ride. The family that owned a café I stopped in on the ride wouldn’t let me pay for lunch – and they offered to drive to Marin to pick me up and drive me home after chemo. I found out later that their 21 year-old daughter was born with cancer and is in and out of poor health to this day.

A man we met on the way wordlessly pressed a hundred dollar bill into my husbands’ hands when he heard what I was doing. Another woman who I had only just met sent me a check for $300 when she found out how much my prosthetic breast cost (she wrote for fake boob in the subject line, which made me laugh.)

At home, people in my community made me juice and tea and broth….all the time, and others brought us meals. I have learned so much about community and human kindness from every single person I’ve met during this process.

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