Day on the Beach

Every year, we help people with disabilities to enjoy a full day of adventure on the beach.

Since its founding in 1994 by Foster Andersen, a quadriplegic survivor of a spinal cord injury, this program has provided hundreds of life-enriching recreational and social activities for people with special needs. Through it’s partnership, Dignity Health helps create opportunities to enjoy arts, social interaction, and the outdoors, filling the gap with positive experiences on the coast for everyone. “The culture we have at Dignity Health is really one about getting together with our patients, but also with our community,” said Karen Gosling, Director of Health and Rehabilitation at Dignity Health Dominican Hospital. “And coming together outside of the hospital is a critical part of creating a real, rich, healing environment for our patients.”

Karen Gosling

Director of Rehabilitation, Dominican Hospital

Foster Andersen

Founder/President, Shared Adventures

Karen Nauenberg

Physical Therapist, Domincan Hospital

Fighting World Disease

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