Mom Is Stunned By Police Officer’s Generosity

When Shannah Shea, 32, of Weymouth went to buy supplies for her soon-to-be 1-year-old daughter’s Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party last Friday, she went into panic mode after she realized that her wallet, containing $300, had been stolen.

Shea, a Boston Medical Center nursing assistant whose husband is out of work, reported the theft at Stop & Shop in Weymouth and was in tears at the thought of having to cancel her daughter’s party. She said her family of four only plans big parties for milestone years because they are on a budget.

A Weymouth police officer arrived to take down Shea’s information. He gave her his card and then left the store.

After he left, a store clerk told Shea that he had paid for everything in her shopping basket, including the drinks and food for the party. The bill was more than $300.

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