Kindness Has The Power To Heal

Kindness. What does that mean to you? I equate kindness with showing love and that you genuinely care for someone else. At times, we’re on the receiving end of that kindness.

Recently I experienced another pregnancy loss. A tragic event in my life that I’m no stranger to, since this was our sixth loss. Our hope was shattered, again. My world felt like I was slipping out into an ocean of sorrow, struggling to get out and find joy in anything.

From the great depths of my despair, I was pulled out little by little. My faith played a large role in this, but there’s no doubt the huge impact that human kindness had. Through phone calls, texts, cards, hugs, and gifts, I was the recipient of an abundance of kindness that I didn’t expect. I didn’t have to go through this alone.

I experienced kindness in such a way that my ability to bounce back was tremendously amazing to feel. I’m still overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the kindness – the love, support, and encouragement – that was shown to me. I’m stronger than ever.

Kindness has the power to heal, so don’t forget to show kindness to others in your daily life. Whether it’s a phone call, a card, your time, your friendship, or helping a complete stranger, you may not realize the incredible impression it may have.

The impact of human connection translates to kindness and unity through whatever you’re experiencing. Joining with others through life’s experiences, the good and the bad, is the mark of true kindness I hope our world will strive for. Remember to #KeepItKind.