Hope Street

For families and young people growing up in the inner city, it can be hard to see a way out. In 1992, Dignity Health took steps to change that: by giving people new hope on Hope Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

Over the years, the Hope Street Family Center has helped countless children learn to read, succeed at school, and see a brighter future—along with giving scores of parents the support they need to work and raise healthier families.

Alberto “Beto” Urias is just one young man whose life was turned around by HSFC. He credits the center with saving him from the streets and setting him on a path to college and a promising career.

Margaret Yonekura

Director of Community Benefits at California Hospital Medical Center

Vickie Kropenske

Director, Hope Street

Sid Oxford

Youth Center Coordinator, Hope Street

Marilyn Ginez

Alumna and Current Assistant Teacher, Hope Street

Alberto 'Beto' Urias

Alumnus, Hope Street

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