The Great Kindness Challenge

In the spirit of this year’s Great Kindness Challenge, Dignity Health partnered with the students of St. Francis Xavier School in Phoenix, Arizona, to create messages of kindness and encouragement to deliver to its patients. By volunteering heartwarming expressions full of support and well wishes, on video and through written notes, the schoolchildren lifted the spirits of countless people in Dignity Health hospitals nationwide.

A portion of those written messages were selected to make up a large digital mosaic mural of a heart, now on display in four Dignity Health hospitals. It is our hope that all who experience the mural – the patients, visitors and employees alike – will be inspired by the messages of kindness and understand how meaningful support, no matter who it comes from, can be to healing.

Explore the Mural

Take a closer look at the hand drawn messages that make up the mural.

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Docs in the Dugout

Baseball isn’t just a pastime, it’s our best medicine.

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