Company Makes A Special Snack Pouch Surprise For A Boy With Cancer

Harlan Sullins has been battling a rare form of brain cancer since he was two, one that he is not expected to survive. Plum Organics used to make his favorite snack, a raspberry oatmeal blend in a pouch. The San Francisco-area company discontinued the product six months ago, Grimmer said, and when Jacki Sullins, Harlan’s mother, started to run out of her son’s stash, she took to social media to ask for help.

Hundreds of people across the country started searching in every store they could for the pouches, and a friend of the Sullins family reached out to Plum.

“Once we heard the search for some of these products was on, we sent a note to our entire network of retailers,” Neil Grimmer said, co-founder, CEO and “Chief Dad” at Plum.