A Mother’s Story Of Survival And Love

Natalee Cooks was six weeks pregnant and just 27 years old when she was told she had Stage III breast cancer.

Her doctors at St. Joseph’s Medical Center found a way to provide life-saving chemotherapy treatments, while carrying her baby to 32 weeks.

12 days after the birth of her only son, she underwent a mastectomy and removal of her lymph nodes on her right side, 11 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 rounds of radiation, a partial hysterectomy, lymphedema and multiple procedures for breast reconstruction.

“My doctors and nurses at St. Joseph’s have been there for me through it all. In reality, St. Joseph’s is so much more than a hospital – they are like a family. The wonderful care in the NICU, Cancer Center and a variety of support services for our family was astonishing.”

Celebrate Mother’s Day by joining a St. Joseph’s Giving Circle and help patients, like Natalee, in our community.

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